How can I change a hard coded Chase?

  • Hi, I wonder if any of you good people can help?

    I have a 4 channel DMX foot controller (Showtec Lightfoot)

    My lights have 4 channels with chan 1 being a dimmer and the others R, G and B.

    My controller has fixed chases built in (no programmable option)

    When the chase turns chan 1 off, it caused the RGB chans to be dimmed, so the chase does not show correctly. i.e. The R, G or B lights only work if chan 1 is also on.

    Is there anything available that I can put between the Controller and the light that will allow me to turn the dimmer channel on permanently:?:

    Looking forward to hearing from you DMXperts.

    Thanks, Terry

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  • I think what boneshaker is suggesting is the easiest feasible option. On the other hand, if you need to invest in an Merger and in an 1ch Controller, maybe you purchase an ArtNet or USB Interface and start working with DMXControl as your lightning software :-D with potentially way more options. I don't know what your usual setup is and whether working with an Notebook in addition is a good or bad Idea.

  • Terryballdmx

    I want to wrap up the discussion for you a little bit.

    You have currently two choices on the table:

    1. Purchase a Hardware DMX Merger and a DMX Controller as boneshaker suggested and do everything in Hardware. The financial damage will be about 150 Euro for the Merger and Controller

    2. Purchase a DMX Interface that can be connected to a computer with DMX-In and DMX-Out. You connect your Foot Controller to the DMX-IN and your lights to the DMX-OUT. That way you have full control on which DMX-Lines go where. In your case I would simply cut the 1st DMX-Channel and only forward the Channels 2-... and control channel 1 (the dimmer) with the software DMXControl. The Software ist free of charge, the cost for the Interface similar to the Option 1, but the advantage is, you can use DMXControl to do way more with your lights then you can do with your preprogrammed Foot controller. The disadvantage is, you need to have a laptop included in the setup, which I don't know if that is what you want.

    Remark regarding the DMX Interface. There are Interfaces on the market that have an HTP Merge function Build in, so they can inside the Interface mix the DMX-Stream from the Computer with an external DMX-Stream like your foot controller. Personally I don't see the advantage of doing so if the Software supports reading DMX-IN Information (like DMXControl does). Maybe the reason some Interfaces support this is that some software doesn't support using DMX-IN.

    So, now it's up to you to decide which way to go. If you choose Option 2 and have more questions, don't hesitate to ask them. You can also try out the freeware software (DMXControl 3.2.1) we are offering at before taking a decision.



  • :thumbup: I will investigate this option. I now know what the solution is. I just need to find the gear at a good price. The foot controller only cost me £15. I play in a band and just want some control over my simple light setup (Equinox Microbar COB and LEDJ par cans). At the moment I do not use them in DMX mode. I have a 192 Chan DMX controller which I've had a lot of fun using to program my Christmas lights, but it doesn't have a foot controller. Thank you very much for your help.