Is it possible to disable the StreamDeck/MacroBoard?

  • I have a Stream Deck XL connected to my PC that I'm using to control various parts of my streaming experience - scene switching, animations, sound effects, etc. I want to start using DMX Control to add lighting to my setup, but when I start the application it "takes over" the Stream Deck and my other control software isn't able to access it.

    Is there a way to stop DMX Control from initializing the MacroBoard driver so I can keep using the Stream Deck like I'm used to?

  • Hey,

    I have a Streamdeck XL, too. Just don't assign the Buttons in DMXControl and create a Profile in the Streamdeck software with all the needed buttons. Set this profile to be open, while DMXControl GUI is running. This way the Buttons should stay on your Streamdeck.