Gus Electronics VL 344?

  • Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience of using the Gus Electronics VL 344 interface with DMXcontrol 3? I know it's not in the list of supported interfaces but has anyone tried it?


  • I do not own this interface, so it's just speculation, but it looks like it is just another "Open DMX" clone, which would be supported by DMXC (2 and 3). Simply select "Enttec OpenDMX" as the interface plugin.

    However, if it's really a Open DMX clone, it's not a particular good interface.

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  • Thanks Stefan. I only ask because I can get hold of one cheaply. What makes you say that an Open DMX clone (if that's what it is) wouldn't be very good? Do your reservations extend to the Enttec Open DMX itself (which was going to be my Plan B)?