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  • he yall, first time user here, after all my parts came in (Enttec open dmx usb) i now get to play with my light.

    I go to add device. ADJ, and only see one kind of light and its not what i have. so my question is how do I add my ADJ Jelly PAR lights? i have 2 of them and a Marygel Moving head light.

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  • Good morning!

    So far your device is not listed, you can take a look inside our DDFLibrary, which you can reach directly via the Add device dialogue in DMXControl. If you don't find your device neither, then you can build it by yourself. It's a in relative point of view a simple XML code. The documentation for DDFs for DMXControl 3 you find in our DMXControl-Wiki. It is for the moment only available in German but I guess some well known translation tools will help you to get all your information you need.

    Are there any special questions, you are welcome to ask here.

    And finally one tip: if you know a device, which is quiet similar to your ones, maybe you will reach your goal must faster by starting with the existing one and change the informations.

    Best regards, Stefan.

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