Whats Faster Windows 10 or Windows 7 Amazing result

  • Windows 10 64-bit versus windows 7 32-bit.

    A few years ago I accidentally loaded OS Windows 7 32bit instead of 64-bit (I hard all kinds of problem w the DMX software I was trying anything to cut down the load time I also max out the Chaser Tools / cues) I decided to test it, WOW it blow away windows 10 64- bit which took over 20 minutes to load the Chaser Tool or Command Bar.; (

    (I just start one of them as soon as possible after the program start up)

    With windows 7 32-bit it took about 4 minutes (same computer same DMX program): thumbup::)

    I'm currently delete thousands of cues I'm at 2 minutes now and I'm still redoing the program.

    I'm guessing that because VB (DMX Control) is a 32-bit program and with a OS which is 64-bit program the OS has a lot of problems /Converting it to running a 32-bit Program.

    Good luck