Controlling DMX water pumps

  • Hi. I am exploring whether anyone has used DMX software to control (variable speed) water pumps (which follow DMX principals) and lights as part of fountain type system; pre-set sequences or following some audio files.

    I see the software and support tools (DDFCreator) are really focused on stage lighting and effects, but thought it work asking.

    I have found one company (Oase) which makes a plug-and-play system and supplies pumps and lights but it is exceedingly costly (!) and I presume is therefore mainly aimed at the larger-scale environment such as hotels etc.

    I am exploring how to achieve a similar result but using components at a more reasonable cost level.

    Any thoughts or experiences? Am I barking up the wrong tree with this

    Many thanks,


  • Hi,

    in our German forum area, there was a user who actually did a fountain controlled with DMXControl. Maybe you can read this thread: DMX-Steuerung für Musikbrunnen, Springbrunnen musiksynchron Unfortunately it is only in German, but maybe you get the Idea of it, if you try to translate it with DeepL ( or another translator. Especially on the second and third page there are some interesting facts.