Softdesk Show to Stage View Crossfade

  • Thanks to the help I have received here, I have created a simple Softdesk which mimics the stage view using toggle buttons to represent the lights. In this Softdesk I have added a slider and one button. When I select the lights in Softdesk and use the slider, the lights change their intensity as expected. When I do not select the lights and move the slider, the intensity of the lights do not change. This is also what I expected. Here's where I need a little help.

    What I want to do is set the intensity of the slider BEFORE selecting any lights (like presetting intensity). Then I will select the lights I want to have the new intensity level and finally hit a button to activate the change. I have made it to this point. BUT, when the change is made I want a slow crossfade from where the lights are currently set, to where the lights need to be set as defined by the slider (if slider is greater than zero).

    I hope this makes sense. During a live theatrical show I often need to make changes to intensity & color in real-time. What I need is a crossfade of changes rather than an abrupt change like it is by default. I'll be adding a colorbar to do the same thing once I get a better understanding of how this might work.

    Any help would be appreciated,