ART-NET not working

  • Hello Art-net users

    I'm very stuck and i need help with this.

    But first let me explain what happend and what lights i'm trying to use.

    Working on GrandMA2 OnPc with a command wing and fader wing 4096 parameters unlocked

    (grandma2 ip is the same as the ip of your pc)

    I do have artnetominator for trouble shooting.

    So we bought a bunch of Chauvet EpixStrip Tour's with a standalone node that can reach over 36 strips.

    Getting all IP adress sorted out on gma2, EpixNode and the Pc.

    it didn't work as expected so i turned off the firewall that was blocking the artnet output.

    Now it did work!

    IP 2.x.x.x


    Well this is the funny part that gives me a headache...

    I saved the showfile and shutdown the pc and went home.

    Came back later and started it all up and it didn't work again.

    firewalls are OFF

    PC IP. 2.x.x.x


    Gma2 IP 2.x.x.x

    EPIX strip IP. 2.x.x.x

    I did everything over and over, started from the bottom several times. But i just can't figure out what is blocking my Art-Net Protocol thrue my Cat5 cable

    To everyone that replies you are my hero.

    Thanks in advance

    Joey van Leeuwen

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