Problem storing new DDF files

  • Hello,

    I have produced an edited DDF file, but cannot store it in the folder with the others - I seem unable to change the 'Read only' permission, despite several attempts to change this.

    Is there a way of directing the program to load ddf files from a different location?

  • Hi Arne,

    Yes I can see all of the files in this location.

    C:\"Program Files (x86)"\DMXControl3\Kernel\LibDevices

    However, the folder is write protected, and even using the CMD prompt

    C:\>attrib -r C:\"Program Files (x86)"\DMXControl3\Kernel\LibDevices

    fails to remove the read only status - even though there is no error message when I put in the command. I'm at a loss as to how I can change the status of the directory now, so this is why I was asking whether I could chamge the directory where the program looks for the files to one that I can edit - I can then copy and past the DDF files that I need to that folder instead.



  • Hi!

    Thats not what Arne was talking about. Try it with:

    %AppData%\DMXControl Projects e.V\DMXControl\Kernel\UserDevices

    (Yes, thats the path to type in at your explorer-window;))


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  • Since I think 3.1.2 we seperated the DDFs that we "Shipped" and the ones the User adds by himself into seperate Folders. This is due to the write protection stuff and also it helps us keeping the Shipped DDFs up-2-date as we can simply overwrite them.

    So your root cause was you tried to put the files into the wrong folder.

  • Thanks Hoc - have placed test file there successfully , but when I click on 'Add Device" the program only seems to see the library devices?

    Do I need to change the ddf library ID parameter to a value not already in use? (or delete that line?)

  • The library ID should not be a problem, for custom DDFs you can just remove it. The ID is added automatically when you upload your DDF to the Library, but DMXControl should ignore it.

    Perhaps there is a bug within your DDF, you can open the Kernel window and check if you can see an error message there. Wrong DDFs are not shown in the add device dialog.

  • They are show with an "Error", if the XML Structure is invalid. If the XML Structure is fine but there is something wrong with the values a Detail Dialog is displayed if you try to add the device. Nevertheless if you are unsure, you can upload the DDF here, so someone else can try and we rule out whether it's a DDF issue or not.