Live Q&A - December 2019 - Question Collection Thread

  • Since DMXControl 3.2 is now released and some of you might have questions, we are planning another Live Q&A in December 2019. In this thread we will collect your questions. We try to summarize these questions again and then answer as many as possible. For this purpose we have summarized the rules for the questions:

    Rules for the questions:

    • One or more questions can be asked per person or per post.
    • Questions can be asked about the functionality of individual program parts of DMXControl 3.2.
    • Questions can be asked about possible implementations of an use case.
    • Questions like "When will this certain feature come?" etc. will be not answered, because this Q&A is about the handling of DMXControl 3.2.

    Your :dmxclogo DMXControl-Team :dmxclogo

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