Getting systematic error 5 (invalid procedure call or argument) at DMXControl2 start

  • Hello,

    I have been using DMXControl2 (2.12.2) for a couple of years without any problem, on Windows 7 then Windows 10.

    I had a Windows 10 update this week, if I remember well that was a security update linked to Microsoft Office.

    Since the completion of the update, DMXControl does not start anymore, I get an error message "error 5 (invalid procedure call or argument).

    Here is the log below, does anyone have an idea of the root cause for this problem?

    Apart from this update, I am not aware of any other change (user privilege, user password, ...).

    Any clue to resolve my problem would be welcome! Many thanks in advance!!!



    F E H L E R P R O T O K O L L


    DMXControl V2.12.2 - Fehlermeldung



    Fehler-Nr: 5 (Invalid procedure call or argument)

    Modul: Translator

    Prozedur: Translate

    Zeilen-Nr.: 50020

    Datum/Uhrzeit: 09-19-2019 / 22:10:22





    Plattform: Windows NT

    Version: 6.2

    Build: 9200


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  • Hi,

    this is a problem, Microsoft introduced with their august update. There was a bug in this update which crashes the support for a special function in Visual Basic (which is the programming language of DMXControl 2). But now there are specific updates to encounter this problem. You will find a table of required updates separated for every current Windows version in the following post of mine: Fehler 5 "Translator" nach Win-Update 1903 To add the according update, you normally only have to start the update process once again (manually) and the correct fix should be selected and installed. If not, select the fix you see in the linked table and install it by hand.



  • Thanks JP for your feedback!

    After posting my message, I found a thread in german about this topic. Despite my poor level, I could understand a bit of the comments and I eventually reached this KB. The bad news is that my computer is in version 1803 instead of 1903 and it refused to install it (pretending it is not applicable).

    I am going to continue digging ... Any idea will be welcome!

    Best regards,


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