ART-NET not working properly

  • When I try to use ArtNet interface DMXC3 sends weird random data to it. In attachment is Wireshark dump. There is ArtPoll, ArtPollReply and some ArtDMX data and again: ArtPoll, ArtPollReply and some data. Data is send without my activity. Light react with random movements and lighting. The same interface with Freestyler, QLC+ and Onyx works well.

    What should I do?


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  • Hi and welcome in our Forum,

    at first a little explanation why there are ArtPoll, ArtPollReply and ArtDMX packets and why DMXControl 3 works as specified in the ArtNet-spec ;). The ArtPoll-Request asks all nodes in the network to answer and identify them-self. The ArtPollReply is this answer and is send by your Interface (you can see this at the source IP address, which differs from the one of the ArtPoll-Packet). After that DMXControl 3 sends some ArtNet data with the ArtDMX-Packets. DMXControl 3 sends those packets if the ArtNet-Interface is enabled in the Interface-Tab of DMXControl. The third packets are used to transport the DMX values. However there have to be a refresh signal to keep ArtNet nodes from going into their "unconnected"-mode. Therefor DMXControl 3 sends those packets even if there are no changes. Those processes are specified in the ArtNet-spec.

    So to your problem: Do you have another ArtNet sender in your network? If yes, do both sender (DMXControl 3 and the other Sender) send to the same ArtNet interface? This usually produces such flickers and random movements. You have to select one receiver node for one sender or turn one of the two sender off (e.g. by disabling the ArtNet plugin in DMXControl 3). If you need the ArtNet-Interface of DMXControl 3, then go into the ArtNet interface settings in DMXControl 3 and change the Nets and Ports to some other ones (not used by your other ArtNet connection). I hope, this will solve your problems.



  • Thanks for you reply.

    Looks like you're right. I used DMX Workshop to test send a few commands and the symptoms are the same - the devices behave randomly, unattended moves and flashes. If, as you say, the specification requires a periodic check for the presence of devices, it means that my ARTNET interface does not meet the specification. The manufacturer has probably chosen a simpler, poorer solution.

    DMX Workshop and Wireshark are nice tools to watch traffic, so I checked how the programs that my interface works behave. QLC+, Freestyler and even Onyx simply stream data even when nothing has changed.

    And just to be clear, I'm not complaining. If it is so in the specification it means that I am unlucky, because my interface doesn't fully support it. However, if other programs seem to ignore the requirements of the specification, is it possible to place a switch in "Advanced Interface Settings" of ARTNET interface that disables periodic sending of ArtPollRequest? Only the DMX data stream itself.

    For me it would be a solution to the problem.


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