• Hello, I’m just finding my way around v3 so apologies for such a simple question. Am I correct to think that Softdesk is a replacement for Submasters? My lights are simple white only 2 channel lights, 1 for dimmer and 1 for colour temperature. I’d like to have colour temperature control for all lights simultaneously on one fader. I have managed to link my softdesk fader to the group that I created for the colour temperature control channels but nothing happens when the fader is moved. Thanks in advance for any help

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  • Hi,

    apologies for the late response.

    Am I correct to think that Softdesk is a replacement for Submasters?

    Yes and No. There is no exact Submasters like kind of thing in DMXControl 3. This is because of the different paradigms in DMXControl 2 and 3. Because I only described the differences in the paradigms in an other German post here in the forum, and not in English, here a short description: DMXControl 2 works channel value based. There are some definitions of the functionality of a device channel, but DMXControl 2 doesn't really know which function will be activated in a device if a specific value pattern is sent. Therefor you as controller has to know which functionalities a device have (but yes, the graphical DDF view in the Graphical View supports you for this). However, DMXControl 3 works device functionality based. It knows, which functionalities a device have and how to activate them. The great advance is, that we can now control different devices (even different device types) in the same way and we doesn't have to know which functionality is on which channel. We only control the functionality (such as color, position etc.) and DMXControl 3 translate this command into the right DMX Values. Therefor there is no Submaster because a Submaster is usually channel based. But there are different tools to control the device functionalities such as the Softdesk.

    The downside of the functionality based control is that DMXControl 3 have to know all functionalities which could potentially exist in an device and have to support them. Unfortunately, the color temperature is not supported yet. The only thing you can do is to define a raw channel to tell DMXControl 3 that there is a functionality which it can not control directly but you want to. A raw channel will be displayed in the device control and you can manipulate this functionality.

    To give you an example, I created a demo project for you. As you can see, I've created a new device type with a dimmer functionality and the raw function "Color Temperature". Then I created a Softdesk and linked the Slider in it with the Color Temp functionality of the device group. After that, you can control the color temperature with the slider. You can see the correct connection by looking into the channel overview. All raw channels should now have the value of the slider as desired.



  • Thank you very much for your detailed reply and demo file. For my current project, I have gone back to DMXC2 as I don’t have any more free time. But your explanation has helped me understand a bit more & I will try the demo as soon as I’m finished :)