V2 or V3 for Amateur Dramatics group?

  • Hi,

    Our Amateur Theatre group, who perform in local village halls etc. are looking towards computerised DMX control. Currently we use a 48 channel (traditional) light controller. Obviously 48 channels is quite restrictive when using LED lighting, although being a dedicated piece of hardware, as opposed to a laptop, is reliable.

    My question is whether to use V2 or V3. I have not found a comparative list of what is in V2 and V3 so why I am still wondering but erring towards V2 for the music synchronisation and larger number of controllers compatible with it.

    My firm requirements for the system are:


    2. Manual cue of "scenes" using keyboard

    3. Ability to produce "chases"

    4. Ability to play multiple scenes at the same time.

    5. Variable fade up / down times

    6. Easy to use

    7. Single universe.

    8. Large Amount of DMX channels available (at least 127)

    9. Blackout

    Nice to have requirements are:

    a. Ability to have external devices cue a scene. via hot key or midi etc. in parallel with other scenes.

    b. Ability to sync to music.

    c. Compatible with large number of DMX controller hardware boxes.

    d. Multiple universes

    I guess, the more capable the software, the more capability we might use.


  • Well, I guess as both are for free, the easiest way to find out is to download both and play arround and then decide yourself what you prefer.

    Just a hint. We stopped development for V2 a while ago, so there will not be any further fixes or whatever. V3 is the current supported version, so there you can report bugs / feature requests and we will try to cover them during our development.