How to automate the kernel?

  • When I turn on my computer, how can I automatically run this DMXControl script? These commands work fine if I manually open the "DMXControl 3 Kernel" command line tool and type them in, but I don't know how to send these commands from the Windows command prompt. I just want our lights to turn on to their correct colors instantly once the computer turns on so the users don't have to click anything.

    # Load our preset devices with their default RGB color values

    load "C:\Users\FBC\Documents\"

    # Set all 4 lights to 100% brightness

    dmxout 10 255

    dmxout 20 255

    dmxout 30 255

    dmxout 40 255

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  • Hello,

    Currently there is no way to do this kind of automation. With DMXControl 3.2 and the new Input Assignment, there is a way to automatically run a cuelist on project load, so there you can create a cuelist setting the lights to that values and have that cuelist executed when the project is loaded.



  • Can you give more details please? I created a Cuelist for the first time, and an Executor, but I'm stuck.

    I'm looking at the Input Assignment settings, and I see under "Keyboard>None>Foo", there are lots of things to choose from but none of them look like Project Loaded. Which one on the left should I select so that as soon as the project loads, the Lumos goes to 100%?

    Also, which one on the right should I select under the Cuelist? "GO"?

    Thank you!

  • You cannot see this currently. The current version is 3.1.3. This will be possible with the new version 3.2., which is not released, yet.

    The 3.2 Verison is currently in (closed) beta test and we hope to release it in a few weeks.