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  • Hi, I'm trying to install DMXcontrol 3.1. The problem is that when installing it wants to download the viewer Magic but it fails?

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  • Hi and welcome in this forum,

    hmmm ok, then maybe Nicolaudie changed their download path for the 3D Magic Easy View viewer. But you can install and use DMXControl 3 without it. Just uncheck the "Install Magic 3D Easy View" checkbox on the according installer page. Please also open up a new ticket in our ticket system ( Even if the most bugs are reported in german, you can write bug reports in english. Then our developers can check the download path and fix it in the installer. If you want to use Magic 3D Easy View, then I will search for the correct download path for you tomorrow.



  • Greetings!

    I have the same problem of installing DMXControl 3.1, and it doesn't install do to Viewer Magic erroring out. I did deselect Viewer Magic, and DMXControl 3.1 is now installed.

    Is there a direct download for Viewer Magic I can use? I'm anxious to use that program.

    Thanks - Bruce

  • Hi,

    I found a third-party website, which has the installer of Magic 3D Viewer: I downloaded it, checked it with Kaspersky for any viruses and made a diff between this installer and a one I have previously downloaded directly from Sunlite / Nicolaudie. They are identical, so this download should be trust-able (but with no guarantee).



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    Wie verbinde ich Magic 3D mit DMXControl3 schon gestartet? Magic 3D, das eine Verbindung zu DMX herstellen möchte, bietet nicht die Möglichkeit, eine Verbindung zu einem DMXControl-Server herzustellen. Magic3 d bietet keine Ansichten des Steuerteils, wie auf einigen Ihrer Fotos zu sehen. Haben Sie Unterrichtsverfahren?
  • Hi,

    you connect 3D Easy View with DMXControl 3 as follows:

    1. Start DMXControl 3 Kernel and GUI and connect them. 3D Easy View should be closed
    2. Open up the DMX Interfaces window. You find it under Settings => DMX Interfaces
    3. Click the Add Interface... Button
    4. In the dialog, open up the tree Generic => Nicolaudie, select the item in the Nicolaudie folder and click OK
    5. Now, a new entry with some sub-entries should be in the interfaces table and a second dialog should open up. If not, select the Easy View entry and click on Advanced Interface Settings
    6. In this dialog, there should be a Path entry in the table. Here you should specify the path to the MEVP.dll, which should be located in the 3D Easy View program folder. If this DLL is not there, then use the Windows Explorer and navigate to the 3D Easy View program folder. There is a zip-file called Open it and there is the MEVP.dll. Just copy it from there and paste it in the 3D Easy View program folder.
    7. Confirm the Advanced Interface Settings by clicking OK
    8. Afterwards, 3D Easy View should start automatically and should be linked to DMXControl 3. From now on, every time you start DMXControl 3, 3D Easy View should be started too.

    I hope, this little step by step manual is useful :)


    P.S.: If you already have a DMX interface configured, then maybe the DMX-Out addresses in the interface table could be wrong. Then you have to change them according to your setup. Enter 1.1 for the first DMX universe, 2.1 for the second and so on (DMXControl 3 supports 16 universes).

    P.P.S.: You can ask your questions in English too ;)

    im Falle eines Falles klebt Gaffa einfach alles, denn Gaffa ist dein Freund und Helfer :thumbup:

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