Using an unknown device

  • Hi! I am new to this forum and I'm working in a DMX project.

    I want to change the colors of a LED Tape connected to an HJ-KZQ-100 using my computer.

    [Blocked Image:]

    The interface I have for the computer is an ENTTEC DMX USB PRO MK2 but I can't figure out how to set it up to actually control the LED tape, the device just keeps auto playing a loaded sequence instead of letting me control it. How can I control this device?

    After I get it working with DMX Control I'll see if I can trigger it automatically from Unity3D programmatically so suggestions on that would also be appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    have you already configured the Enttec interface in DMXControl 3? If not, then this is the first step. Just follow the following Lesson in our wiki: Lesson 6. It shows you, how to add an DMX interface. Afterwards you have to add your LED tape as a device in DMXControl 3. Do you know how many channels our HJ-KZQ-100 uses and what function each channel have? This information is important to generate a device definition file (called DDF) to tell DMXControl 3 in which way it should control your LED tape.



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  • Hi JPK,

    thank you for your reply. I configured the DMX interface correctly, it only has two values. The size of the universe and number of universes. I have no datasheet or information in the HJ KZQ 100 so generating a DDF is difficult. What I am thinking right now is that maybe setting the led display to match the address may help in getting it working but I have not tested it yet.

  • Hi,

    ok, if the interface is configured, then you can do some tests with channel values to figure out, which channels the HJ KZQ 100 uses: Set the address of the HJ KZQ 100 to 1 and open the Channel Overview in DMXControl 3 (via Windows=>Channel Overview). Now select the first channel and change the slider on the left. It is a RGB-LED controller, so it should have channels for those three colors. In addition, it can have an additional dimmer channel and maybe a strobe channel. In addition, if the LED Tape is an intelligent one with single LED control, then there are multiple channels for each segment on the tape. With this in mind, you can start to change the first channel. If there is some Light-output in a specific color, then you have found the function of the first channel. After that or if there is no output of the LED tape, reset the current channel to 0 and change the next one. If there are no changes at all, try to set two channels to values other than zero. With this method, you should be able to get all information to write the DDF.

    im Falle eines Falles klebt Gaffa einfach alles, denn Gaffa ist dein Freund und Helfer :thumbup:

  • Hi JPK,

    I found what happened! the HJ KZQ 100 has a controller and it actually has a main menu! one of the configurations (which I don't remember H-# which number it was) sets the address the device is listening from. It was some minutes of fiddling with it but it worked. Just in case someone else finds this, A is enter, D is exit, B is up and C is down.

    Thanks for all your help

    Best regards,

    Alex Castelan