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  • Hi,

    I'm a lighting designer for theater. I'm discovering your software. It seems great !

    But unfortunately, like most of your "competitors" (QLC+ for example), the functionalities in the cuelist are very limited for theatre and dance projects. It is not possible, for example, to set a different ascent and descent time during a transfer, nor can it be set for an ascent and descent time. Do you think you will be able to implement these features soon?

    Anyway, congratulations for this application.

    Good continuation


  • Hello Nicolas!

    A different ascent time can be set by using the Cue Timing Editor, which is reachable via the context menu for each cue. There you can set furthermore a different delay. Depending on the way, how you save the properties of the device into the cue, you can use the fanning operators for delay and fade time additionally.

    I hope, you will have an idea now, what I am talking about. If you need some further informations, don't hesitate to ask for it. :-)

    Greetings, Stefan.

  • Hi,

    to set a different ascent and descent time during a transfer,

    Here would be the question, what you mean, when you speak of "during a transfer". Do you want to change the duration of a fade while the fade in of a cue is running? If yes, then this is not possible. But what you can do is to go to the next cue by selecting the next cue, do a right click on the very first cell in the cue row (the blank one on the left side) and choose "goto cue". Then DMXControl 3 will fade to this cue no matter how long the fade have already run. This goto time can also be changed for every cuelist individually. You can find it in the settings of a cuelist (default are 5 seconds).

    Maybe the following is also interesting for you: We have also some diagrams of the lifecycle of cues and for the triggers in DMXControl 3. You can find them in our wiki in the tutorials Lesson_8_Tut3 and Lesson_11_Tut3.



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