Programming and playing back some old school cues (generic dimmers theatre style)

  • Hi,

    I've been trying to figure out DMX Control for over a day, and there doesn't seem to be a manual or relevant tutorial for this:

    How to set up a workflow where I can see and change channel values (channel 1 @ 50% type of thing)…

    and then how do I store a given state as a cue?

    Very sorry to be asking such rudimentary questions, but I'm helping to get a very low budget but cool dance performance on tour, and they will perform in some galleries where there is no lighting console (lighting fixtures are built into the set).

    Any help would be HUGELY welcomed!

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  • Hi,

    first of all: DMXControl 3 has no channel-based workflow. Instead, it relies on a device-property-based concept. This means: Normally, you did not see any channels while controlling your devices. You just set up all device properties (e.g. the dimmer, the color, the gobo etc.) and DMXControl 3 do the rest for you (mapping the current setting of device properties to values for the different channels of a device).

    For this reason, the workflow is some kind of the following steps: First of all you add your devices to your project. After that, you have all your devices in the stage view window. Just open it by clicking on the stage view button on the left side. After that, you can select devices and / or groups and set their properties. For example have eight front lights and you want the left ones to be set to 50%. The first way is to select all of them and set the dimmer value with the dimmer / shutter control window (usually in the bottom left corner of the DMXControl 3 user interface) or the device control (right side of the UI). If you need those devices more often, then you can add them to a device group (right click on one of the selected devices and select "add to group"). After that, you can control those devices via the group. You can even add some effects like chaser or pulses to device properties by opening the effects window and drag&drop one of the effects onto a property in the device control on the right side of DMXControl 3.

    If you have your light scene right, just click on "add Cue" in the left menu bar. Now you can select all properties, you want to save and then the scene will be added to a new cuelist. You can now add additional cues step by step.

    I hope this quick workflow introduction was understandable. If not, just ask for additional details :) In addition, we have a (unfortunately a little bit outdated) tutorial. You can find it here: https://wiki-en.dmxcontrol-pro…le=Tutorials_DMXControl_3 Even though it is not on the current state of the software, you can use it to learn the basic actions in DMXControl 3 :)



    P.S.: No problem This forum is for all kind of questions about DMXControl (basic as well as pro-user questions)

    P.P.S.: Sorry for the late answer :|

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