Need help with creating/adding/controlling device

  • I have used "DMXControl" 2.0 in my old Church.

    We need DMX control software now, at my new Church.

    We are using ADJ "Mega Hex Par"s, 12 of them, all set to 12 channel.

    In "DMXControl 2" I might have been able to figure out how to make all of the controls accessible via a user interface like "DDF-001106 ADJ HexPar 5P RGBWAUV (12CH Mode)"

    (accessible by clicking on the light, in the stage view) - given PLENTY of time.

    Now, in "DMXControl 3", I do not see any way to add sliders for Amber/UV/Master and drop downs for Macros, Programs and Sensitivity settings... and things like that. Am I just missing it (quite possible) or are those types of modifications no longer supported?

    I think a lot of the issue could be that "DDF 3.0" is VERY different -seems like there are no more Forms and form controls- and little to no documentation. No offense intended, I appreciate all you have done, I am just lost.

  • Hi,

    well yes, there is no support for a DMXControl 2-like custom control panel anymore. But there is a reason for that. We have unified the access to device properties in the device control on the right side of DMXControl 3. Just select the fixture in the Stage View and the device properties will pop up in the device control. There is now also an inbuilt support for RGBx-Colors (e.g. RGBWAUV, lime, indigo etc.). So you now only specify the color-channel in the DDF and if needed the position in the color circle. DMXControl 3 then adds the color entry in the device control and a possibility to control the specified color. Slider and dropdowns are also supported in the device control. But they are now automatically generated according to the specified device properties. For example DMXControl 3 adds a slider for the amber property by clicking on the amber entry in the device control and the arrow on the right side of this entry. An example for dropdowns is attached. Just add a "rawstep" block in the DDF.

    You are right, there is very few documentation especially in english. But we have now for a few months a DDF documentation in our german Wiki https://wiki-de.dmxcontrol-pro…index.php?title=DDF_DMXC3 It is not translated yet, but maybe it is helpful for you anyway to determine, how to specify the device properties in the DDF. And if you have any questions about that, just ask here in the thread / forum :)



    Edit: The DDF for the Eurolite PS-4 HCL should be in a way similar to the DMXC3 DDF of the ADJ HexPar 5P RGBWAUV (12CH Mode). If you attach the manual / DMX address table then I can create a DDF for you. The other way would be you create the DDF and attach it here with the address table and I will review it for you :)