Linking scean and a chase togeter to a button

  • Hi!

    To start both (but not end both!):

    • create a new chaser (e.g. name it "starter")
    • add the step "command" => "Chasers" => <Name of it> => "Start"
    • add the step "command" => "cue library" (or "cue list") => <name> => "Start"
    • Click on the chaser name and unselect "Repeat".
    • Set the duration of both "command steps" to 0|0|1 (by selecting the step, then on the right side)

    If you start this chaser with the button, it will activate both.

    The command-steps are very useful and mighty. Just try arround a little bit.


    Mein Equipment:
    1x Hirn | 2x Augen (leicht defekt) |2x Ohren | 1x Mund |32x Zahn (zum Teil V1.5) | 1x Handundfuß-Interface


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