How do I use executors?

  • I am trying to set up executors, and cannot figure out how the flash button works. My goal is to have position and intensity on one cuelist, and executors assigned to colors and gobos. I would like to press the flash button, or bring up the intensity slider for that color cue. I hope this makes sense, and can someone help?

  • Hi,

    as far as I understand, you want to be flexible to mix some intensity + position cues in one cuelist with colors and gobos assigned on different executors, right? I ask this because for proper functionality, every executor in DMXControl 3 needs to be linked to a cuelist. Therefor you have to create a new cuelist for every property selection. Let me explain it with a little example: We want to select between some different gobos on some moving lights via executors. Lets say we have five different gobo scenes we want to choose of. We then create five cuelists and give them individual names. We then set up the cues. Every gobo scene is saved to one cue in one of the five cuelists. Afterwards we assign all five cuelists (one cue long each) to five executors. Now we can start those five gobo scenes by press play on one of the five executors. But we have to do one other thing. We have to stop the cuelists too. Therefor we create a cuelist group and assign all five cuelists to this group. There is an option in the settings of the cuelist group called "Cuelist start behavior". Here you select the "Single list running" entry. From now on only one cuelist of those five cuelists can run at the same time. If you start another one, the current cuelist running will be stopped automatically. You can now do this procedure for every device property / set of device properties you want to control via executors. There are also optional things to set up: Cues have usually a fade time and the cuelists a release time other than zero. For color scenes started with executors this is a good thing. But with gobos or devices with color wheels you maybe want to switch the cuelists without any fade. So you have to set both mentioned values to zero.



    P.S.: I hope my post is understandable :S

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  • Hello JP,

    I finally did get to test what you were mentioning. Your method did do what I was looking for, however it is not very busking friendly, and lacks the ability to fade to the next position/color. With each color change, it resets that value before fading it in. So, color goes to white, then fades to the color. I think I'm going to have to use pre-programmed looks instead.

    I do think executors could be very powerful. There's just not enough documentation on how they work... at least in the English version.

    Thank you for your help!