Using DMX Control for Fixture Tests

  • Hello, New to this forum and the software. Have on Win7 laptop, works, have Enttec DMXUSBPro interface, works, have many Chauvet Legend230SR Beam to test, would like to use this setup for that, to the questions

    1- how to update the library, or create a device (website DDF fails to load)

    2 - beginning steps to make build a cuelist or playback style preset

    3 - Is there a form of user manual, quick start paper, cannot find that...

    From Toronto, Ontario Canada, thank you for guidance, assistance :argh:

  • Hi,

    at first let's start with the DDFs folder. In your Windows start menu there should be a folder for DMXControl 3. If you open it, there should be a link to the custom DDF folder (I hope, this link is translated into english, otherwise the links name is the german "Eigene DDFs" (Own DDFs)). If you follow the link, you enter a folder, were you can place all your custom DDFs. I searched in our Device Library;search=chauvet but could not find any suitable DDF. So you have to write your own one for this fixture. Unfortunately our DDFCreator is not up to date and we haven't translate our DDF structure definition (https://wiki-de.dmxcontrol-pro…index.php?title=DDF_DMXC3) yet. But if you post a DMX chart of your device , I will create a DDF for you.

    2 and 3: Yes, there is a kind of user manual. You will find it under the following link: https://wiki-en.dmxcontrol-pro…le=Tutorials_DMXControl_3 This tutorial is very old and some things have been changed since the creation of this documentation. But you should get some information for a first step into DMXControl 3. The way to save cues in a cuelist are the same as back then. But here are the basic steps: Set up your light scene by selecting the devices / groups in the stage view and change the values in the device control on the right side. After that, you can save this scene to a cue by clicking on the button "Save as cue" on the left Side of the DMXControl window. You will now be asked, which device functions should be saved. By clicking on "ok", you save your scene to a new cuelist. This cuelist should now pop up and you can edit it further.

    Well as I mentioned, the tutorial doesn't represent the current state of the software. We work hard do update our documentation but this will take some time (because we have not enough manpower).

    I hope I could help you with my post. If you have any further questions, just ask :)



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