New TeensyDMX 3.0.0-alpha release

  • I've just released v3.0.0-alpha of my TeensyDMX project. The CHANGELOG describes what's changed, but here is a summary of the major features:

    1. Direct hardware access and optimized buffering.
    2. Everything happens asynchronously, but there are ways to use the library in a synchronized manner.
      • The Sender can be stopped and resumed, and the Receiver can have custom responders/handlers for packets having any start code.
      • All of this means that packets of any type can be sent, received, and responded to. For example, the library, with this functionality, supports adding support for SIP, Text Packets, and RDM.
    3. Sender: Settable refresh rate and packet size.
    4. Receiver: Packet timing awareness and error counting.

    Do let me know of any bugs or problems you find.

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