Eurolite freewifidmx ap

  • Hi has anyone got the output plugin working for this any help would be much appreciated

    As i can't seem to get ut to work.


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  • As the Interface was not existing when we stopped development for DMXControl 2, there is no Plugin for DMXControl 2 existing. Nevertheless, we have a Plugin for DMXControl 3. I am mentioning that because you posted in the DMXControl 2 section.

    EDIT: I figured out that there is a plugin, but that was developed by one of our community members, so nothing I can say about it :-D

  • As Arne already said, an "official" plugin only exists for DMXC 3. But user "Ponk" independently developed a plugin for DMXC 2. Is this what you are using?

    The forum thread is here, but it's in German:

    Angebot: Plugin für Eurolite free DMX Wi-fi Interface AP und DMX-Control 2

    I myself did not try this plugin, so I have no experience.

    What steps have you already done to get the plugin running?

    Do you need a translation of the necessary steps detailed in the thread and/or readme file?

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Yes that is the one I am trying to use in DMX C 2. when I try to configure it I get this message

    Error during initialisation of plugin EuroLiteFreeDMXAP_SR

    Error 429 Active X component can't create object.

  • Hi, did you mark the Plugin in the PluginAdministrator? If not, go into the program folder of DMXControl 2. There is a tool called PluginAdministrator.exe. Run this program and mark all plugins in there. After that, DMXControl should start without any warnings and the Plugin for your interface should be startable.



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  • Hi JP

    Just tried the plugin administrator the box was marked. I did unmark it and mark it again but still the same error message.


  • Hi

    Yes I have tried using the included program to register both dll's , message says

    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.


  • Please try to run the "DLL für Com registrieren.exe" as an Administrator by right-clicking it and selecting "Run as administrator".
    Witout admin privileges I had the same error, with them it seems it was successful, but I can not test the plugin right now.


  • Hi Stefan

    That seems to have worked the configaration window now opens. I will have to wait to try it with the unit it self when I get back home next week.

    Will post the result.


  • I have the same problem. using Eurolite FreeWifi AP. it works as it should when controlling from submasters, turn submaster up and lights fade up with no problem, But if I activate a cue or button to do the same thing ie turn red up to full there is about a five second delay before the lights come up.

    I have tried the same thing with the Eurolite USB dmx and all works fine there is no delay at all.

    Any help would be much appropriated