Enttec Pro Crash

  • Hi

    I can’t get the Enttec Pro driver to work with DMXC2 on my Windows 8 and Windows 10 machines. It works fine on Windows XP.

    I’ve tried all the suggestions I’ve found in other threads. I’ve tried selecting all in Plugin Administrator but DMXCONTROL will crash at startup unless Enttec Pro is NOT selected. I’ve reinstalled everything. DMXCONTROL still says the plugin is not supported.

    Please help!

  • If I select Enttec Pro in Plugin Administrator, I get the following error when I try starting DMXC: error during activation of plugin ‘Enttec DMX Pro Driver’: Error -2147417848: Method ‘~’ of object ‘~’ failed.

    If I do NOT select Enttec Pro in Plugin Administrator and start DMXControl: No instance of class ‘Enttecdriver.cls’ (from file ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\DMXControl\Enttec Pro.out.dll’) could be created.

    Error 429: ActiveX component can’t create object

    Either this file is not a Plugin or you do not have permission to load it. Please use PluginAdministrator or ask your Administrator to enable the plugin.

    I press ok and DMXCONTROL opens. I can select Enttec Pro in Plugin Administrator. If I select it in Output Plugins, the Program crashes

  • Hello I've had the same problem, the Enttec was working fine with DMXC2 so I thought I would try Freestyler, when I went back to DMXC I got the same message as you. I uninstalled Freestyler uninstalled DMXC then reinstalled DMXC it was fine after that, hope this helps