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  • i want to set up a light show firstly it will be just led striplights with indervidually adressable chips but i want to make it quite upgradable like i found some cheap 6 channel dmx controllers but have yet to order as i have no idea how to connect them to a pc is their a adapter or some sort of device i need to attach inbetween to do this im sure i'll have more questions i'll be sure to share a link of the finished product once all is done i feel stupid with this stuff

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    What you need is a software for controlling the DMX Lights. As you are in the DMXControl Forum, I can strongly recommend to use DMXControl, which you can download here:

    Additionally you need a DMX Interface, which is plugged to your PC. There are different kinds of interfaces. Most of them are connected via USB, but there are also some using Ethernet.

    That Interface will generate a DMX Signal that you then connect to your DMX Device using a XLR Cable. The DMX Devices are Daisy-Chained, so each device has an Input and an Output. You simply connect one device to another and the interface to the first.

    The Devices are addressed using a so called DMX Address, which is a Number between 1 and 512. Each DMX Line transports exactly 512 Channels of information and you can patch your devices anywhere in that range. Your 6 channel Dimmer will use 6 of these channels, so if you patch it to the DMX Address 5, it will use the channels 5 - 10. In the Software you create a corresponding device and configure it to have the same channel.

    That's a rough overview on how DMX Works. It's pretty simple as soon as you try it out.

    How that works together with your LED Strips is something you need to figure out yourself. There are controllers that can drive these WSxxxx LEDs using a DMX Signal, but I don't have any experience with them.



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  • Thanks for this. I am new to setting led modules and I just downloaded DMXcontrol. I will start setting up just like you instructed and get back to this forum once I have it figured out.

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