DDF Library

  • ddf.dmxcontrol.de/

    The DDF Library allows you to easily archive, find and share DDFs for DMXControl 2 and DMXControl 3.

    DDF Search
    Just type the Vendor or Deivce into the search form. The DDF Library will show you all existing DDFs for the specified device.

    Didn't found the needed DDF?
    Then there are two different options for you:
    1. Create it yourself with the DDF Creator (DDF Creator 2, DDF Creator 3). You can upload your DDFs afterwards to the Library.
    2. Ask for help in this forum.

    Own DDFs
    Sign in to the DDF Library with you forum-account and use the upload form. The DDF Library is designed for puplishing finished DDFs. If you need help on creation or with partially finished DDFs, just post here in the forum. You can then later submit your final DDF to the Library.

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