[Question] DMXControl works with Martin Universal USB-DMX 2?

  • Hi mates!
    I have an old version of lightjokey 2.95.1 and I'm experiencing troubles with 16 bit pan/offset on fixtures. On DMX output it looks it works correctly, when LSB reaches 255 then an increment means +1 to MSB and 0 to LSB, as it should be, but in reality the MSB is affected when value overcomes 192 (if I remember right). I guess it's a bug of the program, or it can be the fixture firmware, or maybe the USB to DMX adapter. I would like to test with another software, but I'm not sure DMXControl support this adapter. What do you think?
    Can you suggest any other way? FOr example a simple dmx vale editor that can work with this adapter, can be good!

    THank you a lot for help!

  • thank you a lot for repying me!
    May I ask, if someone kindly knows that, which software/tool is available that can connect to it and simple write a byte to a specific DMX address? IN this way I can debug the controller. Thank you a lot!