VBlink and windows 8

  • I have successfully used the vblink plugin to do sound2light from winamps linein function in windows 7. So far I have not had any luck getting the demo program to launch for the winamp install in windows 8. Has anyone else gotten this to work? I cant find information on it anywhere else. I get the run time error 9 subscript out of range error when I run it. No compatibility modes make a different, UAC is turned off. Any successfull sound2lighters out there on windows 8? also if there is another way to run sound2light with a different plugin I am all ears. I really need this to run in windows 8.

  • Hi,
    is your account a local administrator? If not, try to start DMXControl 2 with admin privileges. They are needed to register the plugins at program start (and deregister them at termination). Does this helps?

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