Windows 10 issues

  • Hello guys.
    I have a problem with windows 10 and DMX control v3. Whenever I open "add preset" windows or anything else, that opens programmer filter, I can't see any fixtures or group to add them. I have fixtures added to my project, but I just can't use them. I remember, that I didn't have any problems with Windows 7 though. I already tried compatibility mode and the problem persist. Can someone please help me.
    Thank you.

  • Hello and good morning!

    I think your problem does not corresponded with your operating system. The window "programmer filter" show you all current settings for a light scene, which are currently available in the programmer. So far you don't bring any settings for a light scene to the programmer by creating a light scene by using the stage view, you won't see anything in the window "programmer filter".

    In total are the first steps the following, when you create a new project:

    • Adding some devices to the new project.
    • Open the stage view and set up a light scene.
    • Create a cue list at the project explorer.
    • Open the cue list by double clicking and add a new cue to the cue list.
    • Clear the programmer or modify the current set up like choose some different colours or movements for your moving lights.
    • Add an additional cue to the cue list.
    • Repeat the last two steps when you want to add further cues to the cue list.
    • When all cues are saved, clear the programmer and run the cue lists.

    By the way: you see, that you don't need to use the presets. Presets are created in the same way, but usually, you don't need to use them so much then the normal cues.

    I hope you can follow my explanations. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

    Greetings, Stefan.

  • Hello!

    Regarding your screenshot, I have now the three following questions:

    • Did you install also the XNA Framework on your PC? It is necessary for running the stage view. You can download it below the following link:…oad/details.aspx?id=20914.
    • An other question I have is: can you tell us your complete hardware configuration of your PC? that means processor, graphic card, memory, hard disk and operating system.
    • The last point: can you take an screenshot of the content stage view folder in the project explorer? I would like to see, which devices should be shown in the stage view. The devices, which you added to your project, I see already in your first screenshot, where is the content of the device folder shown.

    Greetings, Stefan.

  • "fine" utf-8 Implementation xD

    Was mit Gaffer nicht klebt, ist kaputt! :rolleyes:

    Je mehr Käse desto mehr Löcher
    Je mehr Löcher desto weniger Käse
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  • To explain what is happening here. The Characters are not generated in runtime, they are converted into an image at compiletime by the development environmen, and no, there is no way that can be changed.

    The Problem is that supporting the full UTF8 Range will have the compile time explode and also dramatically increase the size of the binary as litteraly for every character for every size an own picture is generated. That is simply how it works.

    Therefore we need to limit ourselfs to a particular set of characters.

    It's because the SpriteFont haven't declared this specific character.

    Maybe we implement a check in the Stage View for illegal characters and replace this in the names with a legal placeholder to ensure the Stage View doesn't crash. I think the effort to do so is not that high.