Text Book mode in V3

  • Hi Team,
    Please add "Text Book" mode to V3.x soon!
    That's great feature can be found in 2.x and really distinguishes DMXControl from other lighting control SW. We use it extensively in our theater and really need it in V3.x
    Thank you!

  • Hi,
    we will add the text book module in one of the future DMXControl 3 versions. But unfortunately, I cannot say which version this would be. There are some other parts of DMXControl, which have to be fixed first (Input Assignment, Softdesk,...). I realy need the text book too and therefor I use DMXControl 2 a lot in my productions.

    im Falle eines Falles klebt Gaffa einfach alles, denn Gaffa ist dein Freund und Helfer :thumbup:

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