Enttec Pro output plug-in crashes DMXControl 2.12

  • Hi Team, I use DMCControl for a while on different computers and recently got a problem on one of these machines under Win 10 (64bit). DMXControl 2.12 was working on this machine before but I didn't use it for a while there, - might be some Win update affects the problem.. ..
    Now on DMCControl start up it reports the same message: " Error during activation of plugin 'Enttec DMX Pro Driver': Error -2147417848: Method '~' of object '~' failed. Try again"
    After that DMXControl crashes and closes. If I remove Enttec Pro.out.dll from the directory DMXControl starts OK (no Enttec Pro output of course) but works with other USB-DMX controllers.
    I tried to reinstall DMXControl 2.12 - no success - the same problem.
    Please help to restore DMXControl functionality with Enttec Pro output. Thank you!

  • Hi,
    did you run the PluginAdministrator.exe in the DMXControl folder? If not, run it and check all entries in the plugin table and input plugin table. Afterwards, DMXControl should wolk.

  • Hi JPK,
    Thank you for reply!
    There is something very strange: when I started PluginAdministrator.exe it runs OK and shows presence of Enttec DMX Pro Driver. And it can be selected...
    But... Attempt to configure it (Configure Selected Plugin) calls the setup for the first Plugin in the list -ArtNet Plugin not Enttec DMX Pro Driver!

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