Stairville Light Desk Fog Control 5 Pin Din Pinnout

  • Hi folks

    Today I disassembled a Stairville light desk since my self made cable for controlling a stairville fog machine was not working.

    Schematic goes like this Viewed from the back of the desk (Female Pins in smile arrangement ºo_oº)

    PIN 1 (left Side) ---- Fog Switch (One Pin)
    PIN 2 -----------Ready Led Cathode |<----- to 2.2K resistor --- to PIN 4 & 5 & Fog Switch (Other Pin)
    PIn 3 (Center downside) ----Heating Led Cathode |<------to 2.2 K resistor ----to PIN 4 & 5 & Fog Switch (Other Pin)
    PIN 4 & 5 Are shorted (Right Side)---------------------- Common to resistors & Fog Switch (Other Pin)

    Unless Stairville produces non straight cables with some strange wirings, means that without controller shorting the outer pins 1 & 5 on the machine it activates fog output.

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