• HI:
    I have tried many times to use Sound2Light without success. I can´t achieve to receive signal from winamp.
    I´m probably missing some basic step. Can anyone tell me step by step what I need to do to use this tool.
    I have the dmx 2.12 version and winamp v5.666

  • Hi Lichtfuzzi:
    Thanks for your help.
    I followed the instructions. I was able to get the sound2light to work only with the BPM Studio. I supposed there is no difference with the WinAmp AVS Plugin, but this one I could never make it to work.
    Also I can´t make the beat tool work.

    In the Beat tool, the brown box stays brown and the number below stays in 0.
    The number under the tab button change.
    And the BPM: stays in 0.
    Can you give me a clue of what I´m doing wrong?

    I installed the BPM-Studio Plugin in dmxcontrol plugin folder.
    I installed the AVS-Plugin in the winamp Plugin folder.
    I installed the Beat Detection Plugin in DmX Control and check to select it in plugins.
    I set in winamp, plugins visualization: one of the Plugins (BPM)
    I set in Dmx Control, Program Settings, Tools (VBVis-Plugin).

    Thank you


  • hi,

    for the avs-plugin you have to select avs-plugin in the programm settings

    the beatdetection is for line-in (mic-in or sound-interface)

    i use the vbvis-plug in.
    select this plugin in the programm settings.
    download the .rar in the link below
    and copy the gjvis10.dll in the winamp-plugin-folder

    you dont neet to select the plugin in winamp. i use the milkdrop-visual-plugin and beattool automatically works great with that combination

    sorry for my english, its bad, and in the morning worst ;-)

  • Hi Lichtfuzzi:
    Thank you again for your help!
    I couldn´t make the avs to work. But the vbis plugin now works great, and that´s all that I need!
    I can´t say that your english is bad. I´m sure that is better than mine and definitively better than my german! I´m from Argentina!
    Vielen dank


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