ILD support in Beamertool

  • Hi everyone!
    If there is already support for .ILD files in Beamertool (for example for Raspberry Pi) then sorry, feel free to close the thread.
    If it is not the proper section to discuss about it feel free to move the thread somewhere else :)

    I consider this format (.ild) really powerful and needed, since there are already lot of effects available in this format. I think Laserboy has already developed a good support for this format in all the version variants, maybe it is possible to take advance of their work to implement in Beamertool.

    Maybe there is already a utility to convert a .ild into a video and display it in Beamertool, but I would consider to give support to .ild files which may mean a faster load, and better accuracy and edit of some parameters (amplitude tune, colours edit, etc.)
    Thank you all for the interest.

    Here's the link:

  • Hi,
    I've already looked at this format the first time you mentioned it and added ".ild-support" as a nice to have-feature on our list for the Beamertool 2. So we probably integrate this feature in it. Sometimes in 2017 Moritz and I will start with the developement of the Beamertool 2. But there will be no changes in the current Beamertool versions, because of the plans for the redesign. Adding new features in the current versions would be a waste of time because we would have to do the integration three times (once for every Version of the Beamertool)

  • thank you for kind reply, would you like to be in touch with James? He's really helpful and active person, he got lot of experience with compatibility and different formats of .ILD (believe me, he faced really lot of issues trying to provide a wide compatibility, as .ild differs a lot from versions and laser producers who built them, he worked for years in develpment about that), plus he's soft is written for Win and Raspb, like beamertool. Chances are you may save lot of efforts and bug fixing if you will agree for mutual support, I really hope for that :) He already replied to my invitation,

    Here's is the post, please have a look:…opic=1115.msg7224#msg7224

  • For now i don't think this would help. As @JPK already said, we are planning to start the development sometimes 2017, and then we first need to develop our base tool from our planned concept. If we are then at this point, adding .ild support as file input is an interesting feature, we definitely will set it on our TODO/Wishlist. But there are lots of other important things to do before, so .ild support also will then not get top priority, and is added perhaps not in the first release. Since we did not started the project already it is not possible to talk about timeplans. But i'm 99,9% sure the first release is not within the next 2 years.

    In general i think it is much to early to discuss details, especially implementation details, of the project in public before we started with it. This only makes people sad, when we then had to announce that our plans are delayed for any reasons.
    So thanks for all ideas, we will put them on the TODO List, when you have more let us know. But discussion on how to implement this feature should wait until we are ready to do this.


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