Need develope program to send some RAM values to Art-net

  • Hi everyone, I hope to write in the right section, it result very hard for me to figure out where people are speaking about Art-net and developing it.
    Well I need a very simple program, able to produce and send a Artnet packet, when some values in RAM changes. This is because I'm using a lighting manager that doesn't support Artnet (only DMX) and I see it's very simple to catch the RAM location with DMX values, I just need to send them into the laser emulator to manage it.
    If anyone may kindly help here, thank you a lot!
    Input values:
    Number of DMX channels
    Starting RAM location
    IP destination address
    Checking values for changes every X milliseconds
    Artnet packet containing all DMX values if one of them has been changed

  • About which Software are you talking about?
    I have written some Software, that do exactly what you have discribed.

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  • thank you fro reply! About Lightjockey 2.95, unfortunately it supports only DMX hardware to output, but opening the RAM I catch the locations with DMX values placed in order, and wven if I restarted the softwar was the same location

  • Thanks! I don't know German at all )))
    Hopefully Scyte will help, he maybe already developed something, I just need to open the RAM page of a particular application and read ar certain value.. then trasmit it by Artnet..
    hopefully it may help all peple who still use LJ 2.95

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