• Hi,

    I've heard some talk of a dmx control 3.0 and was just wondering if this is true. If so does anyone know what new features it will have and when it is likely to be available?



  • Hi!

    I can try to tell you something about when:
    Not in the next half year minimum for sure. Last time I read something from the 3.0 from the developer was long ago. ;)
    There will be "in between" releases (I think relatively soon).

    But Stefan can tell you better....


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  • Hi Andy,

    there are two important points for DMXControl 3.0:

    - we got about 30 proposals for improved usability that needs to be implemented

    - (at least) parts of DMXControl have to be re-implemented for better extensibility and more openess

    From our point of view DMXControl is already very powerful concerning features. Therefore we do not focus to lots of new features.
    As Hoc mentioned, we are still in early design phase.

    Regards Frank

  • hi, now one year is gone and I've seen some highly interesting videos on your "Adventskalender". When do you plan to give us the first download of version 3 ?

    Do you plan to make a beta phase where interested users like me can test the new version and get some experience with it. I would also be happy to give you feedback while this beta phase.

  • Hi,

    yes, of course we intend to start a beta test for DMXControl 3.0 too. But:
    Good things come to those who wait ;)

    We just started the beta test for DMXControl 2.11. Tests for 3.0 will not start before second quarter of this year (delivery of first public release is scheduled for end of year).

    Nevertheless, if you are a native speaker we would like to have your support as soon as possible. In opposite to 2.x versions the primary language of 3.0 will be English, including documentation, help etc.

    Here we need many volunteers for support in creation or for review.

    Regards Frank

  • Vielen Dank für die schnelle Antwort.

    Ich bin kein "nativ speaker", sondern hatte nur in Englisch geschrieben weil der thread so begonnen wurde.

    Ich finde das Programm jetzt schon super, nachdem ich aber die Videos gesehen habe, kann ich es natürlich kaum erwarten mal selbst ein wenig mit der 3er Version rumzuspielen.

    Ich würde das Projekt gerne unterstützen, dafür fehlt mir aber aktuell leider die Zeit. Sobald die beta verfügbar ist, gebe ich aber gerne feedback.

  • I am a native English speaker and after watching your advent calendar videos (not that I could understand the commentary not being able to speak German) I can't wait to see DMX Control 3.0 for my self. And I would be happy to offer any support I can with regards to documentation, beta testing etc. I have been a long term user of DMX control but it has frustrated me in the past at the lack of English support so it is good news to me that the native language of DMX Control 3 will be English.

    Keep up the good work guys.

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