K8062 Channel Count

  • The self-build Velleman K8062 is not particularly good interface - it's rather slow to update and as a result LED fixtures particularly show steppy fades.

    Restricting the number of channels however improves the update rate greatly - except there is no way in DMXControl to set the number of channels. This is about the only setting possible with the K8062. Could this be added?

  • ...actually....I wondered if I could code my own. There are very few methods on the K8062 DLL and these are readily coded.

    I can't however find any information on how to encapsulate this for DMXControl to use.

  • Hi,
    there are some Informations about the DMXControl 2 functions in our wiki (you find them here). Unfortunately this website is in german. But maybe it'll helps you (try to translate so e parts of it with an online translator of your choise). If you don't understand some parts of this site, you can ask here and I will try to translate those parts for you.

    im Falle eines Falles klebt Gaffa einfach alles, denn Gaffa ist dein Freund und Helfer :thumbup:

  • DMXC auto-sets the channel count to the highest channel that was changed in the session. So if you only output values on channels 1 to 10, the SetChannelCount function of the interface DLL will be called with "10". If you change channel 20 for the first time, it will be called with 20.


  • Stefan, that's not the behaviour that I'm seeing - the blinking light on top of the unit flashes at a slow rate all the time.

    If I write my own software to talk to K8062 and set it to a maximum 32 channels then it blinks much faster - and updates much faster too of course.

    I'll just go check my findings. I have a very small show in a small venue with a small number of lights - DMXControl would seem to be absolutely ideal but is not usable with K8062 at the moment. - if it were just tungsten lights on dimmers it would be ok, but LEDs update from the DMX too fast with no latency.

    Thanks both for your replies.

  • ...my app (32 channels) blinks fast, but slow constant rate with DMXControl from clean start-up and new project.

    Doesn't change if I manually set value of channel 1 or then channel 512 as you might expect if DMXControl is setting it according to the highest DMX channel used.

    I apologise if I'm doing something incorrectly - but I'm pretty sure I'm not....


  • I knew if I fiddled long enough I might find out something else....

    Selecting the output plugins settings and disabling the K8062 and re-enabling it and the LED blinks very fast indeed.

    Like this it'll control only the first 7 channels regardless of how many channels you had set and appear on the output page.

    So...on startup of DMXControl it does all 512 by default, on disable/enable it does 7.

    So number of channels does appear to be being set...but not as you think they are!

    This test was consistent between restart of the app. and powering-down/up the K8062.

    I've tried also this on Windows XP and Windows 10 - both on 2.12.2 - it's consistent.