Youtube Live Band with some of My Lights w Dmxcontrol

  • My some of Lights With the Band ANTISTAR Live performances
    Wanted to share this on the Lighter side of everything & it makes it Fun w all the hard work
    I hope you like it? Music is still 50/50 Lol

    Thanks to Dmxcontrol I have even bigger Plans this Year

  • Hi musicsteve,
    as far as I can see your LED Bars or the Segments of them were always at the same brightness. A little changes of fluctuation in it might bringt more variety. But even with a few devices and cues it didn't become boring.
    I really liked how the drums were slightly green :)

  • I have some fades w other Songs but not w this one!

    Thanks for the input, it would nice to see more live Band Show w DMX control software of what others have done posted on here & show on Youtube! :D

    their were more lights on the stage that you can't see in this Video.
    I have so many Stage setups it gets overwhelming! But more Fades are on the List for this Year & Moving Heads & Fog which I just Build & Hooking up to the House Light!

    A show like this, I had over 18 fixtures w multiple lights on each fixture & you get 15 minutes/2 so around 7 1/2 Minutes to get all the light fixtures off the stage! The show really turned out pretty good!

    Horns Up

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