DMXControl easy to use ?

  • hello folks,

    I have a simple question: How hard is it for a new guy to do some very basic programmiong on a light through DMX ?

    I run a bar in a country where its quite hard to get a decent lightjockey at the moment. I have a few martin mania SCX500's installed but they are programmed quite badly. I'd like to change their basic color of light and basic mode of functioning . If I buy a USB to DMX converter and use DMXCONTROL, would I be able to change the basic settings of those lights easely ? Or is hiring a decent lightjockey my only solution ?

    Do I need anything else besides a USB to DMX converter and my laptop to start programming ?

    Greets !

  • First, for controling the light you do not need something other than your Laptop, cabels, und an interface which is supported by dmxc. I guess an interface which support both dmx2 & 3 is the best for the future. (Take a look at the For Example the selfbuild DEnterface or the comercial FX5, are equal but the price is differed ore the nodle u1 form cmxcontrol-projekts. The Nodle u1 is designed from the programmers of dmxc.

    In my opinion dmxc3 is much more confortable.
    And yes it us easy to use. The only problem is to get a Devicedefinition (DDF) for the software. (It is easy to create in dmxc3 with the ddfcreator 3). If you have questions or problem with it post them here and some body will help you.

    If you have further question do no hesitate to ask.

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