Enttec DMX USB Pro?

  • Enttec DMX USB Pro?

    Hey Wazzup to all! Listen guys, I just bought the the Enttec DMX USB Pro interface all pumped-up about using it to try out DMXC and guess what? yep you guessed it, I miss-read and didn't realize that it was for the Open DMX USB interface, man I'm really bummin, someone please tell me there is hope and a possibility to using this interface with DMXC, would someone please comfort a brotha! ;( thanks guys!
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    ;( ;( Guys I'm so happy that I could cry! ;( ;( We're seeing participation again!
    ;D No but seriously, It seems like things are starting to pick up a little and I'm greatful to all that are participating. I'm sure we all are greatful to recieve as much help as we can.

    DJ_Dicky: Thank you for your continued effort to work on the Enttec pro driver, your awsome man! looking forward to help test it. I'm curious to know how many others out here are using the Pro widget, would be nice to get a quick poll, if anyone wants to give notice then please reply.
    There are a couple other guys out there working on the Enttec Pro driver also & I want to send a greatful thanks to all of you too. Greetz to all! Lets keep it going guys!

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    Hey, that is cool!! I misread also, and spent the $150 dollars plus on a DMX USB Pro. I have been scouring the net for a solution to my problem, man I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has this problem. I would also like to help test the plugin, and I am looking forward to receiving my dongle soon.

    Thanks all!
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    I know it has taken longer than I hoped but my Afterglow driver with Enttec Pro support is ready for Beta testing.

    All i need is a volunteer or 2.

    Please email me through this forum if you wish to try it.