Dmx Control : year 4 on Nordest Disco !!!

  • Hello to all,

    this is the 4th year that we use the dmxcontrol in our disco.

    this year fixtures:

    • 16 x Clay paky Goldenscan
    • 6 x sgm Galileo
    • 4 x BRITEQ W19L10
    • 4 x Martin Beam
    • 7 x Martin Strobe 5x5
    • 2 x dmx strobo
    • 8 x rgb par (just for ambilight)


    • EasySuite appliance (atom d2550 + 4gb ram + win xp lite)
    • Artnet 6 universe
    • 2 x Keystation 61 midi keyboard
    • 1 x korg NanoKontroller2

    Additional software:

    • Maple midi tools for keysplit & merge channels

    Additional lighting equipment (non controlled by dmxcontrol)

    • Banco 512 light equipment (simple controller for other light components)
    • one hundred of various par 36/45/56 in multiple colors (yes! rgb par is better but we have no money for change :P )
    • one hundred of high voltage neon in multiple colors
    • 4 smoke machines

    .... and much more....
    The opening is the next week but if you want a demo of last year stage check this link :
    soon for the videos/photos of new stage

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