Creating DDF for DMX device with multiple fixtures.

  • So basically I want to make a DDF for the Showtec compact lightset led. It is one device with 4 RGB led lamps. But the master dimmer and strobe are shared between them. Is this even possible. If so can anyone explain how it is done?

  • The thread marked as solved, but I can't see the solution.

    I join the question. I have a similar device (INFINITE-BAR-6x15W-OSRAM-No-limit) with six independent RGBW sources, each with a separate TILT, but a common PAN. How to create a DDF file and how to control it separately, but sometimes treating all sources as a group, so that you don't have to set them up separately.

  • Hello together!

    The second question for the two RGB-LEDs is quite easy to solve: just add two Generic RGB Devices to your project.

    The frist is more complicated due the specific device. One option could be to create in total 7 different DDFs. The first one include the main function of the device like PAN-rotation, dimmer, strobe, effects and effect speed. All other DDFs were only written for one beam, which includes the TILT-rotation and function for controlling the LED. The DMX-patch inside the DDFs is exact the same like written in the manual. When all DDFs were created, you add all 7 to your project and all 7 DDFs get the same DMX address.

    You need to this like this way, because there is still no native support for so called multi-beam devices. This thread was closed automatically due to his age.

    I hope, you both can follow my explanation. If not, you are welcome to ask further questions.

    Greetings, Stefan.

  • "just add two Generic RGB Devices to your project"

    Its not so easy. As we can see Holscher LED dimmer has 10 channels. The first is Mode, 2-9 RGB, Fan, the last one "A". So adding two Generic Devices do not solve Mode option. How to distribute all channels the best way by two RGB Generic Devices???

    1 Mode

    2 R

    3 G

    4 B

    5 R

    6 G

    7 B

    8 Fan

    9 Free

    10 Free

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