Save the Date: Live-Q&A about DMXControl 3.3

With DMXControl 3.3.0 there are now a few changes in various places. Now that you have been able to play and try out the new version in the form of RC2, we would like to spend an evening with you with a live Q&A. Our live Q&A will start on April 04 at around 20:00.

We are looking forward to numerous questions from you, which you might think of spontaneously. We have created a question collection thread so that we can prepare ourselves a little. The first points have already been entered. You are welcome to add more. Otherwise: Questions during the livestream are welcome in the chat or on our Discord server.

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  • Dear team, is there a way to enable subtitles on this FAQ video ? Thanks

    (sorry, I saw your answer on my Youtube comment ... duplicate request)

    • No problem. The issue is, that there seems no automatic translation anymore (at least for this video). So we first need to transcribe the video in German, then translate it and then allign the text lines properly. I threw the video into DaVinci Resolve and the automatic transcription is already not bad. But there are many tiny issues with not correctly detected words or sentences. So we need do go thru the 3h and fix everything ;(

    • Just one word ... or two words ... Good luck !

    • But translation is now visible in Youtube ... perhaps automatic process was consuming time ...