DMXControl Convention 2023 - Special No. 1 - A place to unite them all

No, we do not have the One Ring and our club members will not be ruled by it, brought by it and bound in darkness. But rather, starting today, Nußdorf am Inn near Rosenheim in the south of Bavaria, Germany will be the place that will unite us all again this year for the next three days. Like in the past years in other locations we will program a lot, talk shop about various lighting technology and electronics topics, hold our annual general meeting, discuss the further work in the marketing team, try out one or the other spotlight and of course laugh a lot, talk and simply spend a good time with club colleagues and friends to bring our common project DMXControl Projects e.V. forward. Now it starts and the first ones are already on the way heading the south of Germany. As before, we will keep you up to date with various news throughout the days with some information about our current topics. So keep an eye on our news section in the next days :)

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