Live@Work - 23_CW19 - Germany and his internet

Our club member Maik made it to a small town in Saxony last weekend. The reason for this trip was a birthday party from a circle of friends, where he was asked if he could accompany it with a little music and light. To keep the effort for this in a manageable scope, a prepared playlist of a streaming provider should be played over the evening and the brought light should run in the background. The hosts scouted out the location in advance and also explicitly checked the performance of the internet. Conclusion: there is no DSL, but there is LTE - and that works well. At least that was the plan.

Now it was the evening of the evenings, and all guests came together as arranged. All preparations had been implemented as agreed and planned. However, there was one thing that everyone involved had not considered: soccer was being played at the same time....

The impact caused a lot of excitement and heart palpitations in everyone for a short time. But why? The enthusiasm for Dynamo Dresden was so great in this place that very many fans wanted to follow the game again live on TV and also on the internet. After all, the fourth-last match of the current season of the 3rd Bundesliga was about promotion, and in this match Dynamo Dresden and SV Wehen Wiesbaden faced each other as direct duelists for one of the coveted promotion spots. This lively interest gave the local mobile internet such a high load that the available bandwidth for the streaming provider's app dropped to a measly 14kbit. Apparently, the route via mobile Internet via LTE was the only way for the location to be on the World Wide Web at all - there was no wired access.

Due to this banality, the planned birthday party was on the brink for a brief moment, because without good (background) music, any party is only half as good. While a few years ago a wide variety of music was available locally on laptops or cell phones, or a hard drive was packed in the laptop backpack, the trend is now to stream content on demand - especially when music is used solely for background entertainment. So, in order to be able to listen to a little music at all over the evening, all the guests scrambled to gather up what was left over on cell phones, laptops and USB sticks.

While the music generated a lot of excitement at the beginning as described, one component of the party was completely unimpressed by it: the light. For this, Maik had prepared a small project with DMXControl 3. Since the laptop and DMXControl 3 itself could work without an active internet connection, the light ran perfectly.

In the end it was all in all a nice evening with an unforgettable side note.

And how is it that we now publish this story in the context of a Live@Work? In the meantime, it can be seen as a big feature that DMXControl 3 gets along without a working internet connection except for one point: namely the intrigued interface to our DDFLibrary. And even if internet would be available at an event location - you can't rely on it being available all the time. By the way, there are numerous other reasons why the lighting computer deliberately does not have a (permanent) Internet connection. And here it is our effort to keep this "feature" in and for DMXControl 3.

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