Association News - 23_CW05 - Around the big shoppung

In our DMXControl Projects e.V. store you can find different things. Beside boards and already flashed ICs for the Nodle interface and the Digital Enlightenment interface you can also find the Nodle Ready4Show there from time to time. We also offer some merchandise like a towel embroidered with our club logo. At first we delivered only to Germany. But because of a certain demand our store responsible Maik packed the one or other package also for a user in the EU foreign country.

Unfortunately, this practice is now over. Startled by a news article at Heise Online, we investigated a bit further and found out that an EU-wide packaging law makes it impossible for us to ship abroad. This law obliges online retailers to have a contact person in the respective country who takes care of the disposal of the packaging. We have already taken care of this for Germany, because we have had a disposal license for a long time, which allows us to produce a certain amount of packaging waste. Unfortunately, however, this only covers Germany. According to the current status, we would need to name someone in each destination country who is the contact person and also acquire a disposal license there. As this is not feasible for us, we are limiting shipments from our club store to Germany with immediate effect. However, we will keep an eye on the situation and hope for a possibility to offer EU-wide shipping again.

Another sad news reached us from Amazon, because they discontinue their Smile program. Until now, a small percentage of every order that was processed through Amazon Smile was donated to an association of choice. We have received a not to be neglected amount of donations from Amazon too, because some of you have chosen us as a target association. We would like to thank all of you who supported us during the last years.

Of course you can continue to support DMXControl Projects e.V. directly, so that we can provide DMXControl as well as other services like our forum. For this you can either buy something in the club store or donate directly to us (account details are in the imprint on each of our pages). For the latter, as a registered non-profit organization we can also send a donation receipt upon request.

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