Association News - 21_CW47 - Finishing 2021

Since our annual meeting in August, there may not have been that many interesting things for you. In parts we can agree with that. There was a lot going on in the background, which is why the weekly status reports didn't regularly bring new things to light. Also, some things happened in the private sphere, which had only limited to do with club activities.

Nevertheless, it did not and will not remain boring for us. The next highlight is already in the starting blocks: our developer team will meet next weekend for the DevCon, also after a forced break, in compliance with the applicable regulations and on a voluntary basis. This year it will take place at Arne's place. We all can and may be curious what will happen over the days. But one focus is set: the ongoing development of DMXControl 3.3. In the last Livecoding with Arne! #3 from October 2nd, we talked about the fact that before a possible release various basic conditions must be created, and program parts must be adapted. Last but not least, already found bugs have to be evaluated and corrected if necessary. Consequently, there are still some work packages that need to be processed. And as we all know, DevCon offers the best platform to discuss emerging problems at short notice.

Another highlight we would like to announce "loosely" for December. We want to do a Christmas livestream again - and hopefully you do too. But since it is still some time away, we can't give you a concrete date yet. We also don't want to talk about the content of the livestream yet. Or do you have any suggestions for this stream – excluding everything around DMXControl 3.3? Maybe you have some nice ideas we could also talk about. We are looking forward to your suggestions. And everything is clarified, there is the same procedure as every time: As always, we will announce this in due time.

As you can see: it remains exciting until the end of the year! Your :dmxclogo DMXControl Team :dmxclogo