Spot on: New security features in our forum

At the beginning of September, we updated our infrastructure by upgrading our forum to the next version. As already mentioned in the introduction, we would like to introduce two features of the update in this news, which will help you to be even more secure with us.

Session management

One major new feature is called "session management". Previously, you were logged in the same way with all devices used, so there was no distinction between the end devices. As a result, you had to be careful on shared devices like computers or tablets to either deactivate the "stay logged in" function, log out again afterwards, or delete the cookies afterwards. If one did not perform one of the three variants, other users of the device are later automatically logged in with your user account. Afterwards, it was no longer possible to track where you were logged in.

This has now all changed with session management. Each device you log in with is now clearly distinguishable to you (and only you). So now you can see exactly which devices you logged into the forum with. So, you have full control over all logins with your account. In addition, you can now also terminate sessions of individual devices at any time. This will log you out of that device without affecting sessions on other devices. This, of course, increases the security of your account.

To view these sessions, there is now a new page that lists all your device accesses. You can find this when you open the Control Center by clicking on your account logo and then clicking on “security".

Multifactor Authentication

The second feature also has something to do with security. Currently, multi-factor authentication is becoming more and more important to effectively prevent account hijacking. The forum keeps up with the times and now also offers multi-factor authentication. There are two types available: On the one hand, authentication can be performed with the help of an authentication app such as Google Authenticator (Android, iOS) or Authy (Android, iOS). Authentication via a one-time code via e-mail is also available. Then, every time you log in, you will receive an email with a code that is required to log in.

To enable multi-factor authentication, you also go to the "security" page. In the upper part of the page, you can set it up. As you can see in the screenshot for the smartphone variant, the forum describes the corresponding procedure.

The multi-factor authentication is currently purely voluntary. However, we reserve the right to make this mandatory for individual user groups. If we decide to do so, we will inform you in advance, of course.

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